Cambridge Pavers: Reviews, Prices & Dealers

Cambridge Pavers for Sale in NJBraen Supply is proud to be New Jersey’s top supplier for Cambridge pavers. Cambridge paving stones have earned a well-deserved reputation for premium quality, thanks in large part to their patented ArmorTec technology.

All Cambridge pavers are specially treated using the ArmorTec system, which ensures a smooth, blemish-free surface and a long list of performance advantages. ArmorTec is a unique mixing formula that yields a stronger, more durable paver that is stronger than regular concrete.

It features a special pigment derived from iron oxide, which creates a rich color that won’t fade. Additional performance benefits of Cambridge ArmorTec pavers include:

  • Outstanding resistance to the stresses of snow plowing and safety salts
  • Very low absorption rates make Cambridge pavers impervious to frost
  • Will not be affected by skidding
  • Excellent slip resistance makes Cambridge pavers an excellent choice for pool decks

Cambridge’s ArmorTec pavers meet or exceed the demanding quality control standards established by ASTM International and the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI).

Cambridge Pavers: Get Yours From Braen Supply

While many retailers in New Jersey, New York City and Pennsylvania offer Cambridge pavers, Braen Supply enjoys a privileged relationship with the company, allowing Braen to offer some of the most competitive prices you’ll find on the market. Braen Supply is the best-stocked dealer in the area, with a full range of time-tested, proven Cambridge paving products.

Braen Supply works with both residential and commercial clients. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a contractor looking for a great price on a bulk order, Braen Supply is always ready to meet your needs.

Cambridge Pavers: Value-Added Service and Advice You Can Trust

In addition to maintaining an extensive stock of high-quality Cambrdige pavers, Braen Supply improves its value proposition through outstanding customer service and expert advice you can count on.

First, Braen Supply will happily deliver your order to any location in the company’s extensive service area, which spans New Jersey as well as the greater New York City area and adjacent regions of New York State and Pennsylvania.

No order is too large for Braen Supply’s delivery team and Braen Supply always carefully coordinates delivery details with customers to ensure prompt and reliable service.

The staff at Braen Supply also have extensive expertise and advanced knowledge of a full range of paving systems, helping clients choose products with confidence and precision.

If you’re unsure which Cambridge pavers are right for your site conditions, or if you have questions about the relative merits of different paving and exterior surfacing options, the Braen Supply team is always ready to provide detailed and insightful answers.

When you combine quality Cambridge products with Braen Supply’s vast experience, your project will enjoy the best possible results.

Braen Supply: The Region’s Most Trusted Supplier

Braen Supply was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of Stone Industries, Inc., a leading supplier of masonry, landscape and hardware building products. It was created to better serve its growing customer base, allowing homeowners and contractors to get everything they needed for paving, exterior development and stone landscaping jobs under one roof.

With multiple locations in New Jersey, including a stunning 6,500-square foot showroom in Wanaque, Braen Supply is able to provide unsurpassed customer service to all its customers.

In addition to quick, accurate pricing estimates, the Braen Supply team also offers detailed project consultations. Bring your product research to a whole new level by taking advantage of the extensive resources at Braen Supply.

Cambridge pavers have earned a lofty position in the residential and commercial paving industries, and if you’d like to take advantage of the company’s proven ArmorTec system, let Braen Supply become your retailer of choice.

To learn more about Braen Supply’s inventory of Cambridge paving products, or if you have any other questions, please contact a Braen Supply customer service representative.

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