Mulch for Sale in NJ

When used properly, mulch supports the robust health of plants and gardens. It helps soil retain moisture while redistributing important nutrients that promote strong plant growth while warding off weeds and other pests.

Mulch is also one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of gardens and landscapes.

How to Buy Mulch for Sale in New Jersey

When shopping for mulch in NJ, look for suppliers that offer these value propositions:

  • The right balance of quality and price: The cheapest brands are often made with inferior raw materials that won’t perform as well as higher-quality alternatives. Braen Supply offers a superior product at a better price.
  • Knowledge and experience: Suppliers with broader knowledge bases and extensive experience are better able to offer tips and advice to their customers, and that is a big benefit in and of itself.
  • Customer service excellence: Some suppliers simply don’t make the grade when it comes to serving their customers, so be sure to inquire about delivery and drop-off policies before completing your order to make sure the company will meet your unique needs.

Which Type of Mulch Is Right for Your Project?

There are many different types of mulch, and both organic and inorganic options are available. Broadly speaking, though, mulch can be broken down into three main types, each of which has specific advantages for particular types of projects:

  • Natural mulch: Also known as organic mulch, the primary benefit of natural mulch is that it is biodegradable. As it breaks down, natural mulch adds nutrients to the soil, which helps you maintain healthier gardens and landscapes. Organic mulch also offers some protection against weeds, though you will generally have to apply it in thicker layers that run 4 to 6 inches deep, or 2 to 3 inches deep in shaded areas.
  • Red mulch: Red mulch is made of dyed wood chips. Wood-based red mulch plays a primarily decorative role.  It will provide a unique look that will accentuate your landscape.
  • Black mulch: Black mulch is similar to red mulch in that it is dyed.  Like red mulch, black mulch also promotes moisture retention, which in turn helps plants grow strong and healthy. Black mulch will give your landscape that darkened look without compromising the lighter shades of colors surrounding it.

How to Get Top-Quality Mulch

When evaluating the quality of mulch, the two most important characteristics to consider are consistency and appearance. Consistency applies primarily to wood-based mulch, particularly in terms of the relative softness or hardness of the wood chips used to make it.

Harder, heavier wood lasts longer and doesn’t break down as quickly, but it also has a thicker profile and isn’t generally considered to be the most esthetically pleasing option. Softer wood, on the other hand, degrades more quickly and needs to be replaced more often, but most landscapers think it looks nicer.

Choosing mulch based on appearance alone isn’t the best strategy. You want a product that looks nice, but you also need to consider how quickly the mulch will break down (if it’s made from organic ingredients). The more often you have to reapply the mulch, the greater your costs will be in the long run.

How to Maintain Mulch in NJ

Here are some professional tips for maintaining mulch in NJ:

  • Install raised-edge bordering materials to stop mulch from spilling over, or dig a shallow trench along garden borders and planting beds.
  • Do not apply mulch around tree trunks, shrub roots or areas where leaves pile up.
  • Check the appearance of your mulch regularly and top up degrading mulch promptly.
  • Purchase your mulch in large quantities to keep your costs down and ensure you always have the supply you need to maintain your garden.

The mulch supplier you choose has a major impact on your landscaping efforts, and it’s always best to work with a mulch supplier that offers extensive know-how and competitive prices.

Be sure to discuss your project needs in detail with your mulch supplier before you buy to ensure you’re getting the right kind of mulch for the work you’re doing.

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