Red Cedar Mulch in NJ

Red cedar mulch is a popular option for landscapers and hobbyists looking to add some decorative flair to their projects.

Its unique appearance makes it a preferred choice for amateurs and professionals alike, and it offers many practical benefits that can greatly improve the health of your garden.

Red Cedar Mulch in NJ: What Makes Red Cedar Different?

Red cedar mulch has several definitive characteristics that make it an excellent choice for several specific applications. First, it decomposes much more slowly than many other types of wood mulch, often taking years to completely break down.

This reduces maintenance and helps keep costs under control. Cedar is also a very versatile base wood for mulch, since it can create a very light and permeable layer if it’s finely shredded or a hardy, thick layer if it’s chipped.

Red Cedar Mulch in NJ: Best Uses for Red Cedar Mulch

Red cedar mulch is primarily used for its decorative value.

The chipped or shredded bits of cedar bark have been dyed with environmentally friendly coloring agents, creating a ruddy, natural appearance that enhances the visual appeal of gardens and landscaping elements. Beyond esthetics, there are several other reasons to choose red cedar mulch in NJ:

  • Cedar is an effective natural pesticide, so it’s a good choice for projects that require protection against predatory insects.
  • Cedar has an alluring scent, providing a further boost to the sensual appeal of gardens and landscapes.
  • Cedar mulch’s relatively long lifespan makes it an excellent choice for low-maintenance projects, and projects with limited budgets.

Red Cedar Mulch in NJ: Prices in 2015

Red cedar is usually one of the more costly types of mulch, but remember that you’ll enjoy sustained savings over time because it does not degrade very quickly.

High-quality red cedar mulch can last for numerous growing seasons, maintaining its integrity for lengthy periods of up to several years. Even after a harsh New Jersey winter, it’s likely that you will only have to add a shallow top-up layer in the spring to maintain the appearance of your garden or landscape.

One thing to watch for when shopping for red cedar mulch in NJ is the actual content of the product you’re purchasing. If you find a product with a much lower price than those offered by reputable, trustworthy manufacturers, it’s wise to proceed with caution.

In many such cases, these mulches contain very low cedar contents and have been bulked up with cheap, low-performing filling agents. These products are to be avoided.

Red Cedar Mulch in NJ: Delivery Services

If you’re buying red cedar mulch in bulk quantities, it’s important to look for a supplier that offers reliable and flexible delivery services. Some distributors offer very limited terms and conditions on delivery, restricting times and drop-off locations to the point of inconvenience.

Customers buying large amounts of red cedar mulch in NJ should take the time to research companies that offer flexible and convenient delivery options.

This is especially important if you need your mulch dropped off at various locations, or at different points at the same location. You don’t want to delay your project because a supplier wasn’t able to meet your delivery needs.

Red Cedar Mulch in NJ: Find the Right Supplier

Here is a helpful checklist of features to look for in a reputable supplier of red cedar mulch in NJ:

  • Flexible, convenient delivery options.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff who can answer any questions you may have about the product.
  • Quality products at competitive prices.
  • Wholesale and bulk distribution.

One of the best ways to enjoy all these benefits is to choose a wholesaler that manufactures its own mulch. This strategy ensures that you’ll always have access to quality products made by people who with the specialized know-how to help you choose the perfect mulch for your needs.

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