Thin Stone Veneer in NJ: The Best Prices & Fast Delivery

Thin Veneer for Sale in NJEveryone can appreciate the beauty of a home, wall, fireplace or other structure that has been constructed with natural stone.

Working with natural stone can be costly and, depending on the project, the weight of the materials can sometimes even limit what you’re able to accomplish. It’s because of this that many people choose to use a thin stone veneer.

This type of veneer will provide you with the gorgeous look of full, natural stone while also increasing project versatility and lowering your expenses. Take a look at how you can best make use of thin stone veneer and get the most bang for your buck.

Thin Stone Veneer Benefits

Why choose a thin stone veneer over full stone? Here are a few of the material’s many advantages:

  • Size – One of the key benefits to working with thin stone veneers is that they aren’t as bulky or heavy as full stone. This means that you will have a lot more freedom in terms of how you want to install the materials and the type of project that you’d like to complete.
  • Cost – When purchasing stone materials, you’ll quickly learn that these types of products are typically sold by how much they weigh. Because thin stone veneers are smaller in size and lighter than full stone, you can expect that you’ll end up paying far less for the same overall look.
  • Ease of Installation – Thin stone veneers are very easy to work with. Because the stone veneers are lighter in weight than their full counterparts, they are less cumbersome and simpler to install. Whether you’re planning on executing the project on your own or hiring professional help, this will decrease the amount of labor required for the installation. You’ll also find that injuries are minimized as workers will not be required to manipulate excessively heavy materials.
  • Appearance – Of course, all of the other advantages of thin stone veneers would be pointless if they didn’t look fabulous. These beautiful veneers will offer the same coloration and texture that you would enjoy with natural, full stone but with less hassle.

Thin Stone Veneer Uses

Thin stone veneer can be used in any place where you might otherwise use full stone for construction purposes. In fact, the thin veneer is actually able to go above and beyond the call of duty as it can frequently be used in areas where full stone would not be a viable option. You might see a thin stone veneer used to enhance the look of:

  • House Facades 
  • Places of Business
  • Interior Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscape Walls
  • Fireplaces
  • Chimneys 
  • Pillars 

Thin Stone Veneer Prices

If you’re like most property owners, you want to know how much a thin stone veneer is going to set you back before making plans to move forward with your project. Although costs will vary based upon the specifics of your job, you’ll find that there are certain factors that can impact pricing.

First, you’ll need to find a supplier that offers the very best stone veneers at affordable, wholesale rates. Going through a big box store could result in inflated costs while working with an online supplier could mean low quality materials.

Next, consider the overall size and scope of your project. The larger the coverage area, the more you’ll need to invest. Difficult patterning or the installation of stone veneers in hard-to-access areas could also increase labor costs. Finally, don’t forget to consider that the type of thin stone veneer you select could alter your budget.

Thin Stone Veneer Delivery Services

When having thin stone veneer materials delivered to your project location, it’s important that you take the time to consider your options. Choosing an honest, safe and reliable delivery service can make a big difference in the overall success of your project.

Always be sure to verify your service’s licenses and insurance policies to ensure that you will be covered in case of losses. Feel free to ask for references from satisfied customers to ensure that your materials will be delivered on time and in prime condition.

Purchasing Thin Stone Veneer in NJ

Home and business owners throughout NJ and its surrounding areas know that Braen Supply is the best place to go for thin stone veneers. We’ve developed a rock solid reputation as an honest and reliable stone supplier and employ the most capable industry professionals to address all of your questions and help you to make plans for your upcoming project.

We can advise you on the right type of veneer for your job so that you end up with a great fit both in terms of appearance and structural integrity. Our materials are available at competitive rates for pickup or bulk delivery to areas throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT.

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