Why You Shouldn’t Buy Pavers at Lowes & Home Depot

Pavers Buying Guide: Lowes & Home DepotWhen it comes to pavers and other home construction materials, many consumers are tempted to shop at big-box retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

While these stores do offer a wide range of materials at relatively low prices, they aren’t the best place to shop for concrete and clay paver products. What you might save in price, you’ll lose in variety, experience, and expertise. If you need a wide variety of options or trustworthy advice from an experienced professional, chances are you won’t find those resources at either of these stores.

The main problem with buying pavers at Lowe’s and Home Depot is that the store associates don’t have specialized knowledge of most of the products they’re selling. Typically, you’ll find that the people working in these stores have only a generalized understanding of the items in the store. In most cases, they lack a detailed and comprehensive outlook on the relative merits of various pavers, and won’t be able to offer the same kind of thorough advice as a specialist.

Consider these three main problems with these big-box stores before you purchase your pavers from them.

Problems with Buying Pavers at Lowe’s and Home Depot: Limited Stock

One of the first problems you’ll encounter when buying pavers at Lowe’s and Home Depot is a relatively limited stock. Because these superstores sell hundreds or even thousands of individual products, they don’t have the floor space or the warehouse space to store a diverse range of pavers and other bulk supplies. As a result, you’ll be limited to only a few different types of pavers, none of which may be ideal.

If you limit yourself to what’s on the shelf at Lowe’s or Home Depot, you may have to compromise your vision or work with materials that are below your standards. Because you’re making a significant investment in your home, you should always insist on getting the best possible quality for the lowest possible price. That’s how you’re going to generate the most advantageous possible return on the money you’re paying for the project.

Problems with Buying Pavers at Lowe’s and Home Depot: Limited Experience

As mentioned, the staff members at stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot probably won’t have a great deal of detailed information or knowledge about pavers. Because these store associates need to help customers with a very wide range of home improvement needs, they tend to be “jacks of all trades and masters of none.” Because you are investing a lot of time and resources into redesigning your landscaping, you want to be sure that you get advice from someone who is truly well-versed in this type of project.

Working with a company that specializes in stone products is a far better way to take advantage of professional advice. Businesses that deal only in stone will be able to offer far more in terms of guidance; that kind of customer service excellence can make all the difference.

Problems with Buying Pavers at Lowe’s and Home Depot: Limited Understanding of What’s Involved in Installation

It’s worth considering whether or not anyone you’ll deal with at Lowe’s or Home Depot has actually performed an installation job involving pavers. If you’re planning to complete the installation on your own, you’ll need advice from someone who’s actually been there.

Specialty suppliers that work only with stone can provide very helpful installation tips that you just won’t find from a faceless big box retailer.

Stop Buying Pavers at Lowe’s and Home Depot! Choose Braen Supply Instead

Braen Supply is one of New Jersey’s most trusted suppliers of premium-quality concrete and clay paver products. Stone is all we do, so we have an advanced and highly developed understanding of the various products on the market. If you have questions about performance characteristics, durability or the suitability of a particular type of stone for a specific application, we can offer far more help than you’re likely to get at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

We also offer a much wider range of options, all at prices that are highly competitive. Thanks to our superior customer service, we also provide a far more reliable and confidence-inspiring shopping experience. To learn more, or to arrange a detailed project consultation, please contact us at Braen Supply.

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