Rock Salt Prices: Bags vs. Pallets vs. Truckloads

Rock Salt Prices: Bags vs. Pallets vs. TruckloadsThroughout the winter season, everyone from homeowners to businesses rely on rock salt to keep their properties safe and clear of ice.

Different entities will have different requirements for their ice melting products, but all will have the same concerns about pricing.

How much is the material actually going to cost, and what’s the smartest way to go about getting the best rock salt prices? Ultimately, it all depends on how you purchase the materials.

Typically, rock salt can be purchased by the bag, the pallet or the truckload – which is the right choice for you? This guide will break down the instances in which you might purchase ice melt by the bag, pallet or truckload, and the benefits and considerations associated with each.

Bagged Rock Salt

Most homeowners elect to purchase rock salt by the bag during the winter months. Because smaller lengths of driveway and front walks will need to be covered, purchasing a large bulk supply will not be the most cost effective option.

  • Benefits – Bagged rock salt is quite easy for homeowners to come by, lift, apply and store – even within a finite storage space. A variety of different ice melting products are available by the bag, serving a range of needs including pet and child safety and environmental friendliness.
  • Considerations – Because homeowners will generally need only a few bags of rock salt per season, you will need to visit your supplier and pick the materials up on your own rather than depend on a delivery service.

Rock Salt by the Pallet

Those who have larger properties to consider than the typical home may find that they get the best rock salt prices by choosing to purchase their de-icing materials by the pallet. Generally speaking, this is the most economical option for local business owners, daycare centers, churches and other organizations with mid-sized parking lots and walkways.

  • Benefits – Instead of being required to pick up and transport dozens of bags of rock salt back to your location, purchasing by the pallet enables you to have numerous bags (typically between 49-55 per pallet) delivered to you all at once. So long as the pallet is stored in a dry and temperature-controlled environment, the bags of rock salt can be stored more conveniently than by the individual bag.
  • Considerations – Depending on the size of your property, you may need to purchase multiple pallets to cover your winter needs. In order to get the best rock salt prices, though, it’s important to carefully plan out how many pallets you will require, as you may find that a truckload would be more economical.

Rock Salt by the Truckload

Large-scale needs call for a large-scale rock salt purchase and delivery methods. Corporations, hospitals, schools, and universities with big campuses will certainly enjoy the best rock salt prices when buying by the truckload. Other entities who should think about going this route include suppliers, salt spreaders and municipalities.

  • Benefits – Instead of having multiple pallets delivered to your property throughout the winter, you can stock up all at once by ordering a truckload of ice melt, which generally consists of 16-18 pallets. This will ensure that you’re well prepared at the beginning of the season and won’t need to worry about rock salt shortages.
  • Considerations – When you have such a big supply of rock salt on hand, it’s important that you protect its integrity by maintaining excellent storage conditions. You’ll need a facility large enough to house large quantities of rock salt, and secure against moisture and extreme cold.

Calculating Your Need

Depending on the brand, the rock salt that you choose to use for your property will come with manufacturer’s instructions, specifying exactly how much of the material should be spread per square foot or per acre.

It’s smart to measure out the area that will need protection against ice in order to calculate how many pounds or tons of ice melt you’ll need.

It’s also in your best interest to speak with an industry expert when calculating your needs. Seasoned professionals will be able to help you estimate how many applications will need to be made throughout the season and to discuss how long the effects of your rock salt will last.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best rock salt prices this winter season will largely depend on your ability to plan for your specific needs. As a homeowner, ordering ice melting products by the truckload would likely be quite excessive, but it would be foolish for a large business owner to attempt to meet their property’s needs by buying numerous bags of rock salt.

It’s only by working with a trusted professional to calculate how much rock salt you’re likely to require that you can get the most bang for your buck.

Photo courtesy of Matt Belanger.