3 Techo-Bloc Patio Shapes That Will Compliment Your Backyard

Would you love to spend more time outdoors? One of the best ways to get more use out of your backyard is to construct an attractive, Techo-Bloc patio.

Techo-Bloc is known for providing homeowners with affordable, reliable concrete pavers and slabs that come in an array of shapes, sizes, colors, textures and styles. It’s easy to find the perfect materials to match your unique personality while creating an inviting and functional area to gather with your friends and family.

Now the only question is how to arrange the concrete pavers. How should your patio pavers be laid out, and what shape should they form?

Are some shapes better suited to specific functions than others? Would one shape or layout look better on your property than another? These and other questions will be addressed in this Techo-Bloc patio shaping guide.  

The Importance of Choosing the Right Patio Shape

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re planning on installing a Techo-Bloc patio for two primary reasons. First, you want to have an attractive and relaxing, outdoor oasis of your very own.

Secondly, you want to see your property value go up. In either case, you need to pay careful attention to the shape of your patio in order to achieve the desired outcome.

A poorly designed and laid out patio will not offer the visual appeal and charm that you hoped and dreamed of for so long, and it can even detract from the space’s ability to accommodate your outdoor living needs.

Taking the time to really think through your design options and make a decision that’s practical for your property and planned usage will make a major difference in the perceived and actual value of the completed Techo-Bloc patio.  

Things to Consider

You may be wondering what it is that you should be thinking about when weighing out your options for the perfectly shaped Techo-Bloc patio. Here’s a quick checklist for figuring out what shape is right for your landscape:  

Available Space

For obvious reasons, the first place to start in determining the right patio shape is in taking a practical look at the space you actually have available in your backyard.

If the area is very narrow, for example, it’s just not going to make sense for you to dream up a design for a large, rounded family dining area.

If you’ve got a sprawling property, on the other hand, it might look a bit silly to construct a tiny, rectangular patio space that will look very out of place when contrasted against a large grassy area, a massive flower garden, or an olympic-sized swimming pool. For best results, make sure that everything is proportioned property.


Now that you’ve determined how things are looking above ground, it’s time to start considering what’s going on below the surface.

You may think that you’ve got lots of space to construct a patio on one side of your property only to later find out that there are numerous underground pipes and utilities that will inhibit your ability to excavate the desired area and build up a patio in that space.

Before you get too far into the planning process, then, we recommend that you call your local utility company and schedule a property assessment.

Intended Use

How do you intend on making use of your Techo-Bloc patio? Will you be using it to enjoy your morning coffee near your flower bed, or do you want to be able to prepare and serve meals all on the same space? This could impact the shape and size that will be necessary for your patio.


Some Techo-Bloc materials will lend themselves better to specific shapes than others. The irregular patterning of Techo-Bloc Flagstone pavers, for instance, don’t always look their best when arranged in a perfectly linear patio layout.

Parisian and Rotunda pavers can look great in square shapes, but are also manufactured to create beautiful circular patterns, so keep that in mind.

Personal Preferences

Finally, the shape of your Techo-Bloc patio will come down to your own personal preferences. Some homeowners, for instance, may feel as though a circular pool or hot tub would look redundant and unappealing when situated near a round patio, instead preferring the contrasting angles of a rectangular or square outdoor living space.

Others may love the geometrical consistency of arranging numerous circular features, like patios, pools and fire pits throughout the property. The bottom line is that you want to be happy with the way your patio looks not only as a standalone feature, but also as a part of the entire landscape.

3 Common Techo-Bloc Patio Shapes

Now that you’ve started working through the layouts that might be best for your property, you’re ready to zero in on a size. The following 3 options are very commonly selected by homeowners throughout NJ and are well-suited for Techo-Bloc patios and products:  


A square or rectangular Techo-Bloc patio will look stunning within the scope of nearly any landscape. Clean, parallel and perpendicular lines are visually appealing, and will compliment many other landscaping features.

Small, square spaces are great for setting up an outdoor “cafe”-type area for enjoying drinks with loved ones, while large squares and rectangles allow for ample space for building kitchens, dining areas, living areas and even bars.


Circular or oblong Techo-Bloc patios are very stylish and popular throughout NJ. A round table looks beautiful and fits perfectly into the patio layout, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for enjoying a peaceful afternoon on your own or gathering with your friends and loved ones.  


If you want to have the best of both worlds, we recommend that you consider a hybrid of both rectangular and rounded Techo-Bloc patio areas. Combining the two will help you to maximize your living space, and also makes it easier to work with irregularly shaped landscapes or work around utilities.

You might consider a large, square area for setting up an outdoor kitchen on one end and having it taper off to a round seating area for dining. You might even think about having a second rounded end for installing a beautiful Techo-Bloc fire pit.

Different shapes can act as a visual boundary or barrier between the various “rooms” or functional spaces that comprise your entire outdoor living area. This gives you a lot of creative freedom with your Techo-Bloc pavers.  

Installing a Techo-Bloc Patio in NJ

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