Techo-Bloc Walls in NJ: A Homeowner’s Guide

techo-bloc wall reviewIf you’re like many other NJ residents with a sloped or uneven property, you may have realized that you have a need for a retaining wall.

Not only is a good retaining wall one of the best and most effective means of erosion control and increasing the amount of usable space within your landscape, but it can also dramatically increase property value if the right materials are selected and properly installed.

At Braen Supply, we strongly recommend the usage of Techo-Bloc products for retaining wall construction. With a number of designs to choose from and a host of benefits, Techo-Bloc materials have so much to offer customers like yourself.

Take a look at what sets these wall stones apart from the competition, how to choose and use your materials, and where to buy Techo-Bloc in NJ.

Techo-Bloc Wall Stone Benefits

What’s so great about Techo-Bloc wall stones? Here’s a closer look at some of the material’s many advantages:

  • Natural Beauty – Techo-Bloc wall stones are designed and crafted to look exactly like the materials you would find in nature. You’ll enjoy the natural coloring and rich texture associated with real stone.
  • Product Consistency – Because Techo-Bloc products are manufactured by skilled craftsman, you can expect consistency and quality throughout all of your wall stones.
  • Variety – Techo-Bloc wall stones come in a number of different styles and colors. This makes it easy for users to pick the materials that best suit their existing landscape designs and individual personalities.
  • Strength and Durability – A retaining wall needs to be able to handle extreme lateral loads without giving way. Techo-Bloc wall stones are designed to handle the pressure. They will also be able to deal with regular use. The material doesn’t easily scratch, scrape or stain.
  • Weather Resistance – NJ is subject to some pretty extreme weather conditions. The good news is that Techo-Bloc wall stones are specifically manufactured to withstand all that Mother Nature throws their way. The materials can withstand high heat, the freeze-and-thaw cycles associated with winter and spring and the effects of rain and snow.
  • WarrantyPurchasing Techo-Bloc products is a long-term investment in your property. All Techo-Bloc products will be enjoyed for years to come with its lifetime warranty.

Techo-Bloc Wall Stone Uses

Techo-Bloc wall stones are frequently selected for:

  • Erosion Control – The primary reason for erecting a Techo-Bloc wall stone has to do with preventing erosion issues. Homes and businesses with steeply graded landscapes may find that soil becomes loosened and washes away after periods of rain. A Techo-Bloc retaining wall will hold the earth in place so that your property doesn’t become damaged as a result. In addition, this will prevent your contribution to storm water runoff.
  • Raised Patios – If your property is sloped or uneven, you may find it difficult to get as much use out of your outdoor living spaces as you’d like. The construction of a retaining wall can allow you to create level areas of land where you can install a raised patio to enjoy spending time outside with your loved ones.
  • Raised Gardens – Growing flowers, vegetables and other plants on an incline can be quite a challenge. Just like in the case of a raised patio, a raised garden can be installed by the construction of a Techo-Bloc retaining wall.

Techo-Bloc Wall Stone Maintenance

Techo-Bloc wall stones don’t require a whole lot of maintenance in order to continue looking beautiful and functioning perfectly. We advise users to regularly hose down their walls to remove any dirt, leaves or debris from accumulating in the cracks. Never use acidic or abrasive cleaning products on your Techo-Bloc wall.

Where to Buy Techo-Bloc Wall Stones in NJ

If you believe that Techo-Bloc wall stones are a good fit for your project needs, be sure to reach out to the experts at Braen Supply. We are an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer. As such, we carry a full inventory of Techo-Bloc wall stones and are able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date product information.

Our Techo-Bloc products are available at the most competitive prices and can be picked up or bulk delivered to locations throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT.

Photo Courtesty: Techo-Bloc