The Right and Wrong Questions You’re Asking Your Techo-Bloc Dealers

If you’ve been planning on upgrading your landscape or hardscape, you’ve probably stumbled upon the name “Techo-Bloc”. Techo-Bloc is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of high-quality hardscaping materials, including pavers, slabs, steps, caps, wall blocks, fireplace kits, and more. As such, there are many landscaping supplier who are interested in selling Techo-Bloc products. You may be wondering, then, how to go about finding the right Techo-Bloc dealer. This is accomplished through asking the right questions – and avoiding the wrong ones. Here are a few tips to help you zero in on the very best Techo-Bloc dealer in your area.

DON’T ASK: Do You Carry Techo-Bloc Products?

When shopping around for Techo-Bloc materials, your gut instinct may be to call various suppliers and ask if they carry Techo-Bloc products. This, however, is a mistake. Why? There are some individual sellers and dealers out there who are selling Techo-Bloc products without being authorized to do so. This means that they won’t have access to all of the brand’s products, won’t have the most accurate product information, and won’t be able to offer a product warranty.

DO ASK: Are You an Authorized Techo-Bloc Dealer?

The correct way to go about finding a dealer that sells Techo-Bloc products is to ask whether or not the supplier is an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer. Techo-Bloc sets high standards for authorized dealers and makes sure that only the best are able to sell its products. Authorized dealers will be able to offer the best prices, a Techo-Bloc lifetime product warranty, and all of the latest and greatest product offerings.

DON’T ASK: What Are the Best Techo-Bloc Products?

While you may be keen to learn which products your dealer things are really great, this question is simply too broad. It’s hard for a Techo-Bloc dealer to provide you with useful information about Techo-Bloc products without more detailed information.

DO ASK: Which Techo-Bloc Products Are Best for My Specific Project?

It’s much wiser to ask your Techo-Bloc dealer to tell you which products are the best options for your specific project needs. The more detail you can provide your supplier with, the better an answer he or she will be able to give you. Share the dimensions of your project, any sketches or drawings you have, as well as your hopes and dreams for the completed job. This will allow your dealer to connect you with the best Techo-Bloc materials for your home.

DON’T ASK: Who Can Perform Techo-Bloc Installations for Cheap?

A cheap installation isn’t always a very good installation, and when it comes to Techo-Bloc, nothing but the best will do. After all, lifetime warranties can only be honored when the products have been property installed.

DO ASK: Do You Know Any Authorized Techo-Bloc Contractors Who You Can Recommend?

In order to get the job done right, it’s in your best interest to ask your Techo-Bloc dealer if they can connect you with a local contractor who is specifically authorized to work with and install Techo-Bloc products.


The Best Techo-Bloc Dealer in NJ

Braen Supply is an authorized Techo-Bloc dealer and has earned its reputation for offering high quality Techo-Bloc materials at fair and reasonable prices. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and hale you to make your project dreams come true. Feel free to visit our local Techo-Bloc showroom or give us a call to learn more today.

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