The Thin Stone Veneer Styles NJ Homeowners Are Raving About

Thin stone veneers are trending right now in New Jersey and its surrounding areas. Natural stone has long been a staple in the construction of New England home exteriors and interiors, so it’s only natural that you would be passionate about incorporating this look into your home’s design.

Unfortunately, natural stone and even full stone veneers are not always practical, affordable and in some cases, aren’t even possible.

In these cases, thin stone veneers make it possible for homeowners to bring the look and feel of natural stone to their properties. Consider whether thin stone veneers are the right fit for your NJ home and what style of thin stone veneer you should work with.

Thin Stone Veneers At-A-Glance

In order to make a smart decision about thin stone veneers, you need to have a solid understanding of what they are and what types of benefits they have to offer. Stone veneers are a form of stylish masonry that allows you to cover a surface (such as an interior or exterior wall) with a thin layer of natural or manufactured stone.

While full stone veneers do exist and are quite popular throughout our region, they may be too heavy or too bulky for some applications. For this reason, thin stone veneers were developed.

This popular alternative to full veneering removes all weight constraints and makes it much simpler to apply veneers to smaller, narrower spaces.

Although the production of thin stone veneers is more labor intensive and thus demands higher, upfront costs per-square-foot, you’ll quickly learn that the light weight of thin veneers makes it possible for labor and transportation costs to be cut in half and that your project can be completed in a much smaller window of time. The end result is a gorgeous veneer on a budget that you can afford.

Types of Thin Stone Veneers

All veneers are not created equally and homeowners are often delighted to learn that they have a number of options in terms of applying an attractive thin stone veneer to the interior or exterior of their homes.

Several popular methods of thin stone veneering exist, all of which come with their own merits. Here’s a look at the styles of thin stone veneers that are the most popular throughout NJ and the northeastern United States:


Homeowners have fallen in love with the look and vibe offered by thin stone veneers that are available in a square or rectangular pattern.

This particular styling is a great way to introduce the completely natural look of different types of stone to the interior or exterior of your home while still being able to maintain a sense of geometric balance and control.

In this type of arrangement, the thin stone veneer pieces are cut into square and/or rectangular shapes in order to create a visually familiar and pleasing pattern.

At the same time, the rectangles are not perfectly smooth and even, nor do they feature sharp, hard angles. This keeps the look of the veneer soft and natural, which New Jersey residents love.

natural thin stone veneer
Sam Braen Stone ® Thin Stone Veneer


Mosaic patterns are also trending. While a square or rectangular thin stone veneer pattern generally seeks to use veneers that have been cut into similar sizes and shapes, the Mosaic pattern shakes things up a bit by integrating large cut thin stone veneers with smaller units in a randomized pattern.

You’ll notice big squares, long rectangles and short, small or squat squares and rectangles. The similar geometric shapes add cohesion to the style, but the fact that the sizes and shapes are all intermixed creates a visually interesting facade that will continue to stimulate your senses throughout the years.

natural thin stone veneer
Sam Braen Stone ® Thin Stone Veneer

River Rounds

River rounds have long been a popular option in terms of home construction and decor. The soft, smooth, rounded appearance of river rock is very appealing to NJ homeowners and many people love the idea of introducing this look to the interior or exterior of their home.

With thin stone veneers, it’s possible to get the look without the weight or cost constraints presented by natural river rock or full stone veneers. River round thin stone veneers are arranged into a randomized pattern with equal spacing.

Often, the pattern features a wide range of river rounds in various sizes, shapes and even colors. This results in an effortless mosaic that is both sophisticated and whimsical at the same time.

natural thin stone veneer
Sam Braen Stone ® Thin Stone Veneer


NJ homeowners are crazy about the look of ledge stone. This natural veneer is designed to stack and be packed closely together.

The thin stone veneer is made of natural New England stone and is generally cut into long, thin, rectangular shapes and then layered in a style not too dissimilar from that of brick. In some cases, however, the ledge stone veneers are cut into smaller square shapes for layering and stacking.

Finally, ledge stone veneers may also be available in styles and patterns that allow homeowners to create a mosaic of both square and rectangular cuts of varying sizes in order to add more texture and variation.

natural thin stone veneer
Sam Braen Stone ® Thin Stone Veneer

Choosing the Right Thin Stone Veneers

When it comes to selecting the thin stone veneer style that is best for your home, it’s largely a matter of personal taste. All of the types of thin stone veneers that we have discussed in this post are well-loved by NJ homeowners and have a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics and longevity.

Consider the overall theme or style that you’re attempting to create within your space and imagine how each particular type of veneer would look within the scope of that theme. Listen to what your gut instinct is telling you about which style would best reflect your personality and align with your vision.

When in doubt, feel free to reach out to an expert for their opinion or to learn more about working with design software tools that might help you to better envision your completed project.

Working with Thin Stone Veneers in NJ

Braen Supply is the leading supplier of thin stone veneers in NJ and the Tri-State area. We work with a number of excellent stone veneering manufacturers and offer a massive inventory of beautiful thin stone veneers for you to choose from.

Our team is passionate about the products we sell and is more than happy to answer your questions about thin stone veneers or to provide you with advice on selecting and working with the right veneer for your home.

You’ll find that our thin stone veneers are always competitively priced at low, wholesale rates. Our materials can be picked up at your convenience or can be bulk delivered to locations throughout parts of NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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